We make terroir wines

Wild Nature expresses our care and respect for the soil. We want people to appreciate great, real terroir wines and to feel where they come from. We have been pioneers in organic farming since 1974. On the bottles you can see the wildlife inhabiting our estates, located in Venice and Verona provinces.


The Estates


Framed in the north by the beautiful Lessini Mountains and overlooking the enchanting Lake Garda in the West, the Valpolicella region is not only the land where some of the most famous and appreciated wines in the world are produced, but also a welcome home for many kinds of wild animals, surrounded by natural vegetation.


The estate, which is located in a plain close to the Venice lagoon, is an actual oasis of wilderness, full of natural vegetation and animals. This area is rich of history and has a very particular soil formed by sedimentary deposits, which gives our wines an extraordinary minerality.

Being Organic

Our Philosophy

Organic wines do not contain chemical residues. They are made not only with more care, but also in a more transparent way. As a result, they reflect the unique features of the grapes variety, local geology and climate, characteristics known as terroir.

The organic practices employed in our vineyards are based on the development of biodiversity and do not imply the use of any agrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Biodiversity is achieved by the use of tree-lined banks, meadows, hedges, copses and ponds, creating a biotope, which distinguishes the farm and encourages the natural presence of wildlife. In our estates you will find abundance of hares, foxes, pheasants, ducks and many other species of migratory birds.