DOC Brut

The particular soil of our estate, in Venice Mainland, conveys a compound aromas balance to every single grape. The proximity to the sea and its prevailing winds, as well as the temperature fluctuation between day and night, gives an intense aroma to the bunches of our vines. The first fermentation takes place after the grapes are pressed. The second fermentation takes place once the wine has been stabilized, using a Charmat method, and lasts at least 8 weeks, in order to obtain a fine perlage.


Light straw yellow


Fresh, fruity, with hints of golden apple and white flowers


Dry, fruity, fragrant, elegant with a direct and clean flavor

pairing suggestion

Perfect aperitif wine, excellent in pairing with shellfish and raw or fried fish. It goes well with light cheeses and white meats

The Owl

Elegant and watchful, it grabs you with its golden eyes




production area

Province of Venice, Veneto region

alcohol level

11% vol.

serving temperature


plant density

3.300 plants per hectar

type of soil

Caranto, Pleistocene origin

training system


technical sheet

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