DOC Frizzante

The particular soil of our estate, in Venice Mainland, conveys a complex aromatic balance to every single grape. The proximity to the sea and the influence of its prevailing winds give the grapes a distinctive sapidity that increases their aromas. The first fermentation takes place after the grapes are pressed. Once the wine has been stabilized, we start the second fermentation with a Charmat method, which lasts 6 to 7 weeks, reaching a pressure of 2,5 bar.


Light straw yellow


Fresh, fruity with hints of golden apple and white flowers


Fruity and fragrant, palatable, fine and elegant in the mouth with a direct and clear flavour and a good persistence

pairing suggestion

Perfect as an aperitif wine, it works well also alongside the main entrée. Try it in pairing with delicate starters. A perfect match with both traditional herbs- and fish-based pasta or rice dishes, as well as with ethnic cuisine

The Barn Owl

A heart-shaped, pure white, friendly face




production area

Province of Venice, Veneto region

alcohol level

11% vol.

serving temperature


plant density

3.300 plants per hectar

type of soil

Caranto, Pleistocene origin

training system


technical sheet

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